Anniversary Trip to Fort Collins, CO

Anniversary Trip to Fort Collins, CO – I took my husband on the first anniversary of our wedding to the Rocky Mountains Natl Park as I used to live in Colorado. New Belgium was in its beginning stage as a startup business, and they were experimenting. My husband wanted to learn how to brew his own beers, so they gave us a tour of what they were setting up in their brewery, and he got to talk extensively with the head brewer. It was such a great tour, and we spent 5 hours there tasting, and tasting, and tasting and learning so much. I took lots of notes while my husband was asking questions and listening to this brewer tell us exactly what to do. We then started to plan visits to other brewery operations that were starting up in Colorado. The trip went from mountains and scenery to microbrewery operations. What a week of travel and fun! We had to use our taste buds and brains as we planned the brewing operation we wanted to do at home. I didn’t take any photos, but I have lots of t-shirts and ball caps from our travels to these microbreweries. To this day, we continue to visit microbreweries in lots of states. We love our hobby, and my husband is now the King of Stout creations!


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