The date that never ended

The date that never ended — On my 21st birthday (30 some years ago), my girlfriends took me out to The Smiling Moose, a few blocks from University of Northern Colorado campus. Across the bar, I see the shy young man that lived a floor below me in Snyder Hall. I had my eye on him from the first time I saw him in the dorm lobby.

After a few beers of his own, he had the courage to come up to me and offered to buy me a beer for my birthday. Being Colorado natives, of course we both ordered Coors.

We talked and talked until last call. Our conversation wasn’t over so we decided to continue our talk while we walked back to campus. We talked until the sun came up and got breakfast together. He asked me out on a date for that evening and we haven’t been apart since! We are happily married, have three amazing daughters, and a beautiful baby granddaughter all thanks to a conversation over a Coors.


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