Flying down a backroad

Flying down a backroad – I don’t know how to choose just one story, but they say the best nights are the ones that turn into mornings with friends you’ll never forget so that’s why I’m choosing this story! I’m from the Florida panhandle where the air smells of salt and there’s always a fish to catch. My now spouse, is from just 30 miles north of me and lives an entirely different world that’s full of scenery of ATV’s and backroads. Our first weekend trip together was in his world. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed, thought I was going to die, and thought it was really the “last drink.” I even wore camo! ???? this was the beginning of our adventures and our lives since have been nothing short of spontaneous nights and enough beer to supply the Nile. It’s one of those nights that gets pieced together by pictures, and well souvenirs… particularly ones that look like us ????


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