Ryan Krill, Cape May Brewery

I started brewing in my small apartment in Brooklyn, NY at age 26. My first beer was a partial mash wheat beer kit a friend and I got from Brooklyn Homebrew and we brewed it on a cold Sunday. We added coriander and orange zest to spiff it up. It turned out pretty well, and—at that moment—I was hooked.

Years later, we took a chance at making our dreams a reality and started Cape May Brewing Company. At the time, we were brewing just one beer (our IPA) in a 1,500 square-foot space in the Cape May Airport.

We’ve been brewing beer here in Cape May for the past 11 years now, and we’re so grateful to still be a part of this community. I’m so proud of the portfolio of brews we’ve crafted. We’ve grown from selling our first keg to a beach bar to reaching retailers and taps across New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Knowing that I’m creating something of my own invention and that it is contributing to society in a way that improves people’s quality of life is truly inspiring, and I hope to continue to make an impact in the craft beer community by experimenting with new recipes and introducing people to beer made with love.


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