B.B. King (need I say more!)

B.B. King (need I say more!) – It was around 2000. I was living in Toledo, OH at the time. I was invited to one of the most significant concerts that year. A night like no other and has not been since.Drinking ice-cold Bud Light with friends taking in my first ever Famous Concert. The event had been a sell-out.

The atmosphere was electric!

As the room got dark you heard the first cords as he strums on “Old Lucille” and the words:
“The Thrill is Gone”

It will be a night I will never forget. Because right after the concert he shook my hand, handed me a pin (BBK) for my hat and said, “Never Stop Dreaming young lady. Hold on to the very end and you’ll be okay”!

Changed my view on life that night!


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