Greatest Hobby Job Ever

Greatest Hobby Job Ever — I was a home brewer for decades and back in the 80s and 90s, I could make much better beer than I could buy. For decades, I have collected beer advertising pieces (love 1930’s reverse on glass). But in 2005, the local brewery in Mooresville, NC, offered the local homebrew community “hobby jobs” as weekend tour guides. I was terrified of public speaking, but I took this role. Because I knew great details about brewing and the history of brewing, I was a very popular tour guide on TV several times, and I totally got over my fear of public speaking, which helped me greatly in my real career. For each Saturday, I worked as a tour guide, a 4-hour shift, I would get paid 2 cases of craft beer, and I would tend bar between trips, so I generally made $40 or $60 in tips, plus unlimited beers while working. Greatest hobby job ever!


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