Discovering An Old Friend

Discovering An Old Friend — From 1992 until 2007, I was a reporter and often covered assignments in Europe. On those trips, I discovered a love for Kilkenny, an Irish cream beer not available in the U.S. Every time I crossed the Atlantic, I found a pub with Kilkenny on draft, even in Nice, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, and Madrid. However, I switched to teaching and could no longer enjoy my favorite beverage. One day in 2015, I was at an Irish pub in Baltimore. To my delight and surprise, they had started serving Kilkenny on draft. With a big smile, I told the bartender how I had not enjoyed a Kilkenny in eight years. He poured me a pint and placed the glass in front of me, saying: “say hello to an old friend.” He was right and that beer tasted just as good as it did before.


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