Cancer, a Beer, and a Dream

Cancer, a Beer, and a Dream — What a shock it was on May 23, 2018, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here I am, a male in my early fifties, and now I’m part of the one in one thousand of men who get breast cancer statistic. Following a partial mastectomy and six weeks of radiation treatment, I really wanted a cold craft beer to celebrate this milestone in my fight against breast cancer.

As a huge fan of craft beer, I headed to one of my favorite local breweries, Dillinger Brewing Company. While enjoying a Roadrunner Red and trying to shake off the effects of radiation, I noticed just how close the words Pint and Pink were. That is the moment that the non-profit Pints 4 Pink Foundation was founded and since 2018 I have partnered with breweries across the country to raise funds to support breast cancer research and to increase awareness among men of the dangers of breast cancer.


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