Bonding Over Beer

Bonding Over Beer — I have a special place in my heart for beer. Not just the myriad tastes and varieties, but for the memories it evokes.

I remember as a small child, on special occasions, my dad would have a beer. Just one. I thought that beer must be a very mystical concoction if he saved it for these times.

I became an adult, and I joined my dad in savoring that special drink. We would sit on the patio and enjoy the delicious, cold brew. We talked, and finally we were able to connect.

Beer opened the door for my father and me to have a relationship. We enjoyed our time together, sharing a cold one. He died, at 49, from glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain tumor.

I miss him more than anything. It’s been 33 years, but I still think of Daddy every time I enjoy a beer. I love you, Dad.


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