Beer helped my dad, and I become best friends

Beer helped my dad, and I become best friends — Growing up, I was always a “daddy’s girl,” and then I went away to college and we drifted apart. My dad had me when he was older, so the last year of my college career, he retired. I went to school 5 hours away from home. My dad would come up on a Monday night and stay through Tuesday (I didn’t have classes those days). Every time he came, we would go to the grocery store, get a six-pack and share all of the beers! <3 Memories I will have forever. Now that I am older and a little closer (2 hours), we try to meet for a beer at a brewery as often as possible. My mom has never liked beer, but she’ll always drink one with my dad and me at a brewery. I love him and how beer has always given us a topic to bond over.


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